Parish Ministries

Parish Ministries

From Apostolic times, Christians have gathered to offer praise and thanksgiving, the Eucharist, to God and to partake of the Lord’s Body and Blood in Holy Communion. They also would continue the fellowship of love (agape) with one another by sharing a common meal. One hallmark of our life together is the meal offered after the Divine Liturgy and the resulting opportunity to grow in fellowship. We also find opportunities to study, serve the neighbor, and work as members of one another (Romans 12:5).

Our Cathedral is blessed with many volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to our activities and ministries. There is a place for everyone to contribute; one important way all of us can serve the neighbor is by prayerfully participating in the divine services and offering a humble and contrite heart to the Lord.


Charitable works are central to the life of a Christian community. Lay leaders organize opportunities throughout the year for active service and for sacrificial giving. Please contact Father Kirill for further information or to volunteer your time, talent, and treasure.

Parish Council

The parish council is a volunteer leadership committee elected by parish membership at its annual parish meeting. In a spirit of mutual love and trust, with the Archbishop, Dean, and clergy, the parish council is responsible for stewardship of the parish’s resources and deliberating on other parish business. Read our parish bylaws.


Holy Trinity Cathedral’s Bookstore is located on the middle floor near the Parish Hall and is open every Sunday after the fellowship meal.  We carry books from St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, St. Tikhon’s Seminary Press, Ancient Faith Media, and many others.  And don’t forget to browse our crosses, icons, baptismal gowns, and other treasures, too! Looking for something in particular?  Contact our manager, Taylor Seraphim Warren, at bookstore@holy-trinity.org


The choir of Holy Trinity adorns the services of the Cathedral with prayerful voices and is led by our choir director, Matushka Sophia Sokolov.  We meet downstairs before the Divine Liturgy every Sunday morning at 8:45 to rehearse.  Longer rehearsal sessions are scheduled throughout the year.  If you are interested in this deeply meaningful ministry of sacred song, please speak with Matushka. The Choir Directors of Holy Trinity Cathedral A History Orthodox Liturgy is sight and sound.  The iconography, clerical…

Church School

Children like attending Church, and this instinctive attraction to and interest in Church services is the foundation on which we must build our religious education. Children penetrate more easily than do adults into the world of ritual, of liturgical symbolism. They feel and appreciate the atmosphere of our Church services. The experience of Holiness, the sense of encounter with Someone Who is beyond daily life, that mysterium tremendum that is at the root of all religion and is the core…

Study Groups

Father Kirill leads study groups Wednesday nights (as announced in the calendar and bulletin) following the Vesper service. All are welcome to these informal conversations. Occasionally, we are honored to host visiting speakers.

Our School: St. John Academy (K-12)

The Orthodox parishes of San Francisco, including Holy Trinity, are grateful to have St. John Academy here in town as “our school”: a pan-Orthodox, fully accredited K-12 school where your child will find a warm, nurturing community and a rigorous academic program. Education at St. John’s Academy is a Classical education in an Orthodox Christian context. We teach our students to see and to seek the Transcendentals: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.  This is achieved through both our curriculum and our…


All parishioners are invited to be active “stewards” of the community life of the cathedral community by volunteering time and talent throughout the year. One aspect of our community life that we are very grateful for is the breaking of the fast with gourmet luncheons that are hosted by a family or team of parishioners every Sunday! To learn more or get involved, please talk with our Stewards president, Irina Walker.