Pentecost 2023 Photographs

Pentecost 2023 Photographs

“And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place” (Acts 2:1).

On Saturday evening, June 3, and the morning of Sunday, June 4, the Cathedral of the Diocese of the West celebrated the great saving day of Pentecost: the feast of the Holy Trinity and its patronal feast. His Eminence, Archbishop Benjamin of San Francisco and the West presided at the divine services.

Festal Vigil was served on Saturday night with Bay Area clergy and friends. The large multi-parish congregation enjoyed a reception afterward.

On Sunday morning, the solemnity continued with the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, Vespers with Kneeling Prayers, festal molieben and procession, and a joyful meal together. Mitred Archpriest Ian MacKinnon, Archpriest Kirill Sokolov, Archpriest David Lowell, and Deacon David Greenfield concelebrated at the Liturgy. Mitred Archpriest Peter Perekrestov arrived after the early Divine Liturgy at Holy Virgin Cathedral (ROCOR) to concelebrate the Vespers and Festal Procession. Archpriest James Jorgenson also prayed with us.

After the Divine Liturgy, the Cathedral community honored Reader Stephen (Robert Allen) Parent who is retiring as Choir Director after 47 years; he will be continuing his church service as Reader. Many years! Photographs courtesy of Dylan Currie.

Photographs (courtesy of Dylan Currie) from the day may be viewed below on this web page and on our social media:

May 28, 2023